Its All Messy My Hair The House The Kids Life ! My Sister-in-Law Miscarried. Is It OK to Ask for My Stroller Back?

Read what Prudie had to say in Part 2 of this week’s live chat.

Its All Messy My Hair The House The Kids Life SVG Silhouette

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Dear Prudence is online week after week to talk live with perusers. Here is an altered record of the current week’s talk. (R. Eric Thomas is filling in as Prudie for Jenée Desmond-Harris while she’s on parental leave.)

Q. Carriage stress: I was gifted a pricey buggy from my previous boss when I got pregnant with my child (I had been working for them since I was a young person). The issue was, when my child was 3, he had grown out of it. It appears to be that I brought forth somewhat goliath.

My sister by marriage was pregnant at that point, so I proposed to credit it to her. Sadly, she wound up losing at the half year point. It crushed our whole family. It has been months and everything for the child is as yet stuffed in the nursery. My sister by marriage couldn’t actually force herself to open the entryway.