Interesting infant elephant twins were saved from suffocating in India as their mother powerlessly attempted to safeguard them.

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The twins’ introduction to the world was seen by sightseers in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka state in India, The Hindu wrote about Thursday.

In any case, when authorities from the Forest Department showed up to the spot, they observed the twins had become caught in a pit loaded up with water, not long after their introduction to the world.

Overseer of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Ramesh Kumar, told The Hindu that the mother was endeavoring to save her calves when they showed up at the spot.

Nonetheless, woodland authorities saw she was battling to protect them all alone. Kumar said they noticed the circumstance for some time and saw the twins were bit by bit becoming depleted with the endeavors of remaining above water.

Whenever it turned out to be clear the calves would suffocate on the off chance that they didn’t mediate, the Forest Department chose to step in.

To save the calves, the division split up into two gatherings. One gathering occupied the mother so the other gathering could zero in on getting the twins out of the water. When they prevailed with regards to protecting the twins, the mother ran over to be brought together with her babies prior to vanishing into the woodland, Kumar told The Hindu.