Splice This Cover

Single: Splice This

Genre: Progressive Breaks, Ambient Breaks and Progressive Trance

Artist: Crispr

Released: Feb 16th, 2018

Crispr explores our expansive potential using a multiplex of liquid textures and gene sequenced breaks.

“Splice This

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Leaves Fall 500x500

Single: Leaves Fall

Genre: Ambient

Artist: Stephanie Sante

Released: Oct 2016

Ode to the glorious Autumn months when the morning air is crisp, leaves explode with vibrant color and nature spirits dance upon the fall breeze.

"Leaves Fall

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Speak To Me 500x500

Single: Speak to Me

Genre: Ambient, New Age

Artist: Stephanie Sante

Released: Sept 2016

Ode to Water Spirits and the coming of Autumn. Chill, relax and drift away.

Mar 6th, 2017

Speak to Me” by Stephanie Sante included in the Journeyscapes Chimerical Realms 2 #123 .

"Speak to Me

 is available for Streaming or Purchase @

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