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“Stephanie Sante graces us with some beautiful chilled grooves from her album "Shine".  These are jazzy hypnotic late night grooves that you will not want to miss. Stephanie once again captures the very essence of "chill" with subtle melodies which seem to have been crafted on the tranquile shores of an exotic island.” 

~ DJ - Dub_Ninja, Subsonic Temple

"Coffee Culture is such a fantastic release and yet you've done us one better with your short-and-sweet EP release of Shine. We truly enjoy sharing your music with the Groovera audience on Low Mercury and extend to you our warmest wishes." 

~ DJ Groovera

"Coffee Culture was a solid album, but Shine exceeds the expectations created by the former, and with considerable ease. Sante sounds more confident and self-assured as she extends her soloing and improvising on guitar, while also dialing up the quality of her samples, chill-out beats and melodic textures. Whether one labels this jazz fusion, chill-out, or just plain kick-ass tuneage, Shine is yet one more recording that illustrates the adage “Quality, not quantity.” At a tick under nine bucks at CDBaby, this qualifies as a steal of a buy. So, what’re ya waiting for? Highly recommended!" 

~ Bill Binkleman, New Age Reporter


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