Immaculate Conceptions

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"Stephanie has built a monumental soundscape. The spirituality and reverence of her approach to her soundworlds give this disc massive appeal. This CD should score well with fans of space, ambient, new age and even classical music." 

~ Jim Breinholts (Tracks Across the Universe)

"Sante has once again crafted a panoramic aural landscape of pure enjoyment by employing her keen ear for layering electronic and acoustic instrumentation." ~ BEAR, New Age Sample Radio Host

".. new age music at its best -- with a little bit more of a contemplative vibe than usual and much wider array of sound and timbre." 

~ Matt Borghi, AMG Expert Review

“If Stephanie continues with these fantastic excursions into both spacemusic and EM, she's gonna leave a lot of more "established" artists eating her solar dust! Set the controls for the heart of THIS sun, people. Immaculate Conceptions is one of the best releases of 2001 or I'll eat my monolith”  

~ Bill Binkleman, Wind and Wire

"Immaculate Conceptions

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