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...For me, Prismatic is still Stephanie Sante's best recording, but Cosmic Diva isn't far behind... Fans of this artist's recent previous work will almost certainly love this album, and newbie listeners looking for cosmic chillage, space-age lounge/jazz, or even just some mellow tunes to bop to will find much to revel in on Cosmic Diva, Sante's most completely realized musical vision yet.

~ Bill Binkleman, Wind and Wire

Warm, uplifting, vibey, Nu Jazz from guitarist Stephanie Sante has been delivered to the Listening Loft! Her 7th album to date, the San Francisco native and Boulder, Colorado resident delights us with a recording of new, uptempo tunes featuring what she calls a “spicy brew of sonic chill out patterns.” Stephanie pens music that promises to enrapture your soul and give your spirit wings! The COSMIC DIVA collection was inspired by Science Fiction author Greg Bear’s The Way Trilogy (Eon, Eternity and Legacy). The new songs are uplifting, stirring and even a tad dramatic! In addition to composing, Ms. Sante is also pursuing another passion, surrealistic digital art… her work is featured on the covers of her albums, including this one! 


We interview Stephanie in 2004 for Sequences, at that time only a handful of female musicians could be named by the average synth fan. Her first three albums 'Into Light', 'Immaculate Conceptions' & 'Inner Beauty' you could call visionary, expressing such creative aural landscapes with waves shifting textures on par with the music of Constance Demby & Meg Bowles. Now after string of alternative musical projects, she's back with her 7th release 'Cosmic Diva' a more uptempo album, weaving mellow harmonies with an ambient feel, a spicy brew of sonic chill out patterns.

~ Mick Garlick - Sequences Electronic Music

"Cosmic Diva”

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